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At our store we stock our inventory with the most current military modular sleeping bags out there.  These bags are military issue or commercial made.  We carry both variety because many times real military issue bags are not available or are extremely expensive.  Sleeping bags in the military were non-existent until the end of World War II.  Up until they started issuing military sleeping bags the servicemen used wool blankets, some in the form of sleeping bags.  It wasn’t actually until the Vietnam War, that military sleeping bags become part of military equipment that service men were issued.

The military sleeping bags manufactured during the Vietnam era were either Intermediate or Extreme Cold Weather military surplus bags.  They were heavy, made of cotton and filled with either all polyester, or a polyester and feather combination. Majority of these bags are used and repaired but we do have a variation of good condition ones with minor repairs and some brand new ones.    We currently only sell the new ones on-line, but in limited supplies since they are not manufactured any more.  These bags are a lot bulkier and heavier then an average sleeping bag, but many customers find them functional and that they get the job done.

Current issued military sleeping bags have become more sophisticated and very functional in certain weather related situations.  The new military sleeping bags are constructed as modular type bags.  They consist of 2 mummy style bags, the Patrol (green) and the Intermediate Cold Weather (black).  Each is constructed of water repellant rip-stop nylon and each bag is functional by itself depending on the environment.  The outer bivy cover is made of Gortex material and makes the bag completely waterproof.  These bags can be used when the temperature is down to
-40 degrees cold, when all three parts are used together.  These bags also come with a compressible stuff sack.  We carry both Military issued and commercial manufactured sleeping bags of the modular style.

We also sell European Surplus sleeping bags.  These are manufactured in Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.  They are very similar to the old style U.S. made sleeping bags with either cotton or lightweight nylon outers, and stuffed with polyester or some kind of synthetic material in most cases.  The European sleeping bags may come with hoods and some with arms.
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